Forest Bioengineering Solutions SA was founded in 2014 as a CTFC spin-off, starting its commercial activity in January 2015. FBS is currently working in the revalorisation of the CTFC research outputs, turning them into marked-oriented products and services.

The Wood Catalan Institute (INCAFUST)aims at promoting the development and recognition of the wood as a high interest material and contributes to the improvement of the competitiveness, the fostering of innovation and the increment of the wood sector productivity. INCAFUST, as a brand, is part of the CTFC corporative group.

The objective of FBS is the revalorisation and transference of the knowledge generated in the CTFC to the market through the creation of novel high quality products and/or services linked to scientific expertise. FBS facilitates the application of knowledge working closely to the private sector.
FBS is organised in five main areas:

Laboratory services,
inspection and diagnosis

Advanced technology
systems in the field of
the wood sector

3. New technologies
linked to the forestry sector:
software, apps.

Expertise advise
linked to the scientific
and technical activity
from the CTFC

Development of
novel products / services /

We develop projects for different costumers:

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